JSU Course 2005 Homework 1

Homework 1

High Performance Computing and Computational Science

  • Read Chapter 1 in detail of The Sourcebook of Parallel Computing, Edited by Jack Dongarra, Ian Foster, Geoffrey Fox, William Gropp, Ken Kennedy, Linda Torczon, Andy White, October 2002, 760 pages, ISBN 1-55860-871-0, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers. https://www.elsevier.com/books/the-sourcebook-of-parallel-computing/dongarra/978-0-08-051745-2
  • Browse Chapter 2 of this book 
  • Choose an application where parallel computing is or could be useful. Either write a description of how Parallel Computing is being used in this field or speculate on how it could or should be used. Be careful to describe how parallelism is to be identified and why the additional performance will make a difference.
  • Please construct response as a Web Page with cited references as hyperlinks. Email HTML document or link to me at gcf@indiana.edu
  • Due Midnight Thursday January 20 2005