JSU Course 2005 Homework 4 Answer

Homework 4 Answer

This is answer to Homework 4

  • The results are summarized in This short summary
  • The detailed results are in One Computer Case and Four Computer Case
  • The C program TestProg.c from Marlon Pierce needs N to be changed by hand for each set of runs and we made three files TestProgT.c TestProgS.c TestProg.c each with a different N value. These were compiled dynamically by routines like runnp4
  • There is a runnp1 runnp2 runnp4 runnp8 runnp16 used to get above results; they differ in -np value
  • Each runnpX generates results for 3 N values; we ran each setting bost.def file equal either to bhost1.def or bhost4.def
  • All files are stored in same directory set up as described in MPI Setup Lectures