JSU Course 2005 Homework 5

Homework 5

Web Interface to a Parallel Computer

Convert the Simpson's Rule MPI application into a Web Service and invoke through a simple client. Use the following steps: 

  1. Install Tomcat and deploy Apache Axis. See the examples here: http://www.grid2004.org/spring2004/
  2. Develop a very simple service and client to test. See homework 5 and 6 from the above link. 
  3. Develop a Java application that can execute your Simpson's rule application. See for example http://grids.ucs.indiana.edu/ptliupages/jsucourse2005/WebServicesOverview.ppt, slides 25 and 26. 
  4. Convert this application into a Web Service by deploying it into Axis. 
  5. Write a simple client to test your code. 
  6. Due Monday April 18