JSU Course 2005 Homework 6

Homework 6

Portlets for Web Services

Write a portlet client for your Web Service.

  • Complete Homework 5. You must install run your web service on a GridFarm machine.
  • Install Tomcat 5.0.x on another machine (such as your desktop PC). 
  • Intall Axis into Tomcat on your desktop.
  • Use the Axis stub generators to create client stubs for you service. See the April 25th lecture notes and the Spring 2004 lecture notes for details.
  • Install uPortal on your desktop. See www.uportal.org
  • Following the lecture slides from March 30th, develop and deploy a portlet that uses your client stubs.
  • See also the slides from here, especially "OGCESampleInstall.ppt".
  • Due Monday April 18