Qiu Intel collaboration granted additional funding

By Ken Bikoff

Judy Qiu, an associate professor of intelligent systems engineering at the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, has been granted additional funding for a collaboration with computing giant Intel to conduct research at the intersection of high performance computing, machine learning, and big data analytics. Applications with live-streaming data will be a particular focus.

Intel’s Parallel Computing Centers program focuses on modernizing applications to increase parallelism and scalability through optimizations that leverage cores, caches, threads, and vector capabilities of microprocessors and coprocessors. The Parallel Computing Center at IU was established in 2015, and Qiu researches novel parallel systems supporting data analytics.

“Intel is one of the leaders in computer chips, and they have a lot of influence on how to build systems and how to build and design software,” Qiu said. “My interest in live-streaming data analysis bridges industry and academia, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue our collaboration.”

The Parallel Computing Center at IU works closely with Intel’s DAAL team, and the Center’s aim is to build an open-source protocol for the academic community that will allow broader development of real-time data analysis in the Open Source Apache Software Foundation.

The ongoing collaboration will provide roughly $200,000 in new funding for the Parallel Computing Center at IU.

“The ability to analyze live-streamed data in real time is becoming ever more crucial in this constantly connected world,” said Kay Connelly, associate dean for research at SICE. “Professor Qiu’s work provides the infrastructure other researchers need to make significant advances in understanding how systems can learn and adapt to real time information from a variety of streaming data sources.”

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