REU 2016

1. James Fox, Yiming Zou, Judy Qiu  "Software Frameworks for Deep Learning at Scale" with summary "RaPyDLI Deep Learning Framework" Internal Indiana University Technical Report July 29 2016.

2. Delgado, Robert; Beckstein, Oliver (2016): Technical Report: SPIDAL Summer REU 2016: Distance Array and RMSD Speed-Up in MDAnalysis. figshare.

3. Hagen Hodgkins, Badi' Abdul-Wahid, Gregor von Laszewski "Deploying Big Data and Development Environments Using Ansible" Internal Indiana University Technical Report July 31 2016. poster

4. Tangee Beverly, Gregor von Laszewski, Supun Kamburugamuve, Pulasthi Wickramasinghe, Geoffrey Fox "Game Development with Big Data" July 31 2016. poster

5. Sean Olejaar "Extending MIDAS to Support Integrated Simulation and Analysis" July 2016.

6. Anastasis Stathopolous "Integrating Image Segmentation Algorithms with MIDAS" July 2016.