Streaming and Steering Application: Requirements and Infrastructure STREAM2015 and STREAM2016

Streaming and Steering Applications: Requirements and Infrastructure STREAM2015 and STREAM2016

These workshops STREAM2015 and STREAM2016 are made possible by support from the National Science Foundation (Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure) and Department of Energy (Advanced Scientific Computing Research).

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Summary of STREAM2015 and STREAM2016

The workshops STREAM2015 and STREAM2016 cover a class of applications – those associated with streaming data and related (near) real-time steering and control – that are of growing interest and importance. The goal of the workshops is to identify application and technology communities in this area and to clarify challenges that they face. We will focus on application features and requirements as well as hardware and software needed to support them. We will also look at research issues and possible future steps after the workshop. We have surveyed the field and identified application classes including Internet of People, Social media, financial transactions, Industrial Internet of Things, Cyberphysical Systems, Satellite and airborne monitors, National Security, Astronomy, Light Sources, and Instruments like the LHC, Sequencers, Data Assimilation, Analysis of Simulation Results, Steering and Control. We also survey technology developments across academia and Industry where all the major commercial clouds offer significant new systems aimed at this area. The field needs such an interdisciplinary workshop addressing the big picture: applications, infrastructure, research and futures.

STREAM2015 will be the first in a series of two workshops and will have a focus on NSF applications and infrastructure. It will be held in Indianapolis, where two full meeting days (October 27-28) will be followed by a report writing day on October 29, 2015. The second workshop STREAM2016 will have a focus on DOE activities and applications as well as following up on ideas raised in STREAM2015. STREAM2016 will be held in Washington on March 21-24, 2016. We will produce separate reports on the discussions at each workshops that will be complete around two months after each event. The first workshop budget covers travel and meeting expenses for about 30 attendees.

We have identified an organizing committee expanding the core group – Fox (Indiana),Jha (Rutgers) and Ramakrishnan (LBNL) – proposing these two workshops. In selecting a list of attendees we will reach out to underrepresented communities, in particular women and ethnic minorities. The real time streaming of sessions for STREAM2015 will enhance opportunities for a broad community to engage at the meeting and we will support questions and comments from remote participants. The web site will support this workshop and contain the final report, presentations, position papers, archival copies of streamed video and a repository of useful documents and links.